My picky 1 year old son

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He just turn 1 December 17 and I've been trying to make the transition from formula to cow Milk and it won't work ... I tried 1/2 formula and 1/2 cow milk , to cow milk with honey mixed ... And he has rejected it everytime .. So now he's smelling the nipple of the bottle to see if it's his formula or it's a trick ... Very smart I must say but I really need any suggestion because he doesnt wanna eat unless it's my food or .. Whenever he feels like it eating at that time but in very small portion. I wanna make sure he's getting all the nutrition he needs. I need help please


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Day - posted on 12/22/2015




OK since the replys Im receiving are not of much value here is more detail. Im trying to protect her ( the baby). Hes violent and because Im dumb I helped his lawyer get the cases dropped. On top of the physical abusive part I found out by the D.A> that he was charged with a felony of raping a cat.. yes CAT! Iv written the court but Texas are idiots and will give him rights to her and Im asking either for them to be taken away or very supervised visits. But seeing how his daddy has millions and I make a mere 50,000 a year Im not able to fight. Im stuck

Dove - posted on 12/22/2015




How many ounces do you give him? If you give an 8 ounce bottle (as an example) start by putting 1oz cow milk and 7oz formula. That 'should' be a small enough of a transition that he doesn't notice. Every week you can add one more ounce of milk and one less of formula.

If you don't feel like he is eating well... you might want to hang on to some of the formula for a while. Many young toddlers do not eat well which is one reason many mothers continue to breastfeed and some continue partial formula for another 6-12 months.

Wanting to eat off of your plate is PERFECTLY normal. It's actually a pretty good way to get a young toddler to eat... just put a bit more food on your plate than you normally would and let them eat what they want... while encouraging them to taste the food on their plate to see that it is the same. That phase doesn't last forever.

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Do you give him the milk cold or do you warm it up a little. I remember my son didn't want cold milk. As long as I got it about room temp he would drink it. He's almost two and just started drinking cold stuff. Try warming it up. My cousin had to do goats milk (yuck) with her son cuz he wouldn't drink cows milk.
Run it under warm water or like you would warm a bottle. If you warm it in microwave it gets too hot too fast

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