My precious angel just turned 13 and does not want Mom around...

Linda - posted on 03/13/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




He is just about to go into the stage where he does not want mom around. How in the world am I going to cope with that? Is my heart going to brake? I know it is part of growing up and I am sure I did the same thing, but ohhhh my goodness. :)

Thanks Ladies, let me know how you got thru it!



Krista - posted on 03/13/2012




Yes, your heart probably will break a few times, but think of it this way: you went through labor pains to bring him into the world as a baby.

Well, adolescence is sort of like going through labor all over again, but emotionally -- and instead of bringing a baby into the world, you're sending an adult out into the world.

This is all a very normal stage -- he is asserting his independence and starting the pull away from the nest. He will still need you, though. Don't be surprised if he goes from needing you, to not wanting to be around you, all in the span of a day (or even an hour). Be constant with your love, and as he grows into an independent young man, your relationship will evolve, but the love will always be there. It's hard to not miss your sweet little boy, but you need to look at him as he is now -- a young man who is getting ready to become an independent adult.

Perhaps it may be worth exploring to see if there are any special rituals you can do, just the two of you -- maybe pizza and a movie at home every Wednesday night?

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