My seven year old daughter has gained 20lbs over the past year. I have taken her to her pediatrician and we have a scheduled appointment with and endocrinologist at the end of the month. I know she likes to eat! Don't we all! but it seems she always hungry even after eating ten minutes earlier. She is an active girl always running and playing with her sister and her friends. I have been trying since her last visit to her pediatrician to watch her eating habits a little better and make healthier choices for her when she is asking for snacks. She has been doing really well, but I also don't want to stress her out too much about what and when she is eating until we take her to the specialist. I must add that she has been showing some signs of prepuberty like acne on her face occasionally. My real concern is her Dad. I need advice. He struggles with his weight a lot. My daughter has been able to lose seven pounds since we started making healthier choices. It seems everytime he sees her even if she just comes to sit on his lap he starts talking about her weight loss although it is nice encouraging words, I'm not sure if she should be hearing about her weight loss every time he sees her! When I tried to talk to him about it, he became really defensive. I asked that he stop talking to her about that everytime that he gets five minutes just to spend with her. This afternoon she was sitting on his lap and what could have been a tender moment turned into a lecture and motivational speech about how wow you are doing really great on your weight and I'm so proud of you on watching what you are eating and so on and so on. I'm happy that he is encouraging her good habits but on the other hand I am so tired of him telling her everytime he has the opportunity just to let her shine on her own! What do I do? Should've I approached this differently? thanks ladies, Kris


Ashley - posted on 02/04/2013




On wow, he should definently stop. He shouldn't wanted her to start thinking a guy should bring it up all the time, talking about her weightloss. She could become very self jugding and it could make her obsesive about losing weight. Guys can be so hard headed sometimes. I think youre gonna have a hard time with him. She may one day get mad at him for bringing it up so much. Just continue what ur doing and maybe he'll just shut up when the weights off!! Lol good luck girl :-)

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