my Sister fraudulenty obtained guardianship of my kids and admitted it

Janine - posted on 11/17/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




one year ago my sister said she would watch my kids as i had to get our things together I was moving leaving to go 350 mile away with my daughters shalf sister. THe half sister is my age and was a stranger to my 10 year old and my then 5 year old son instead of doing what they said they reported me missing and they hid my kids from me I even have proof and confession of testimony. I have no help and have tried a million thing I have never been away from my kids and they never have been away from me or eachother my daughter was taken 350 miles away and registered in shchoo. I even have letters from her beging fol help and I am loosing here and cant get help sis has permanent guardianship here in ukiah and I have no probation or cps and no one to turn to


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Dove - posted on 11/18/2015




Get a lawyer. It never should have lasted a year. The only way she could have legal guardianship is if it went to court and you should have been informed of a court date to appear. If you didn't DO that... all you can do is get a lawyer now and fight it.

Raye - posted on 11/18/2015




I don't understand how this could legally happen. You have to go to court to get it straightened out. Have you spoken with a lawyer familiar with custody law?

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