My Sister in Law is doing my head in!!!

Kate - posted on 08/18/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My Sister in law is driving me crazy!!!
It is like she thinks she is the Mother of my son. This has been going on for six months and I feel as though I can't say anything. As I am too nice, and even though it upsets me. I don't want to rock the boat.
We only see her once a week if that (thank god) but when we do. She cannot help but try to take over with what my Husband and I are doing with our son, bath time etc.
Several times my Husband has told her to "give him back his son" and she just thinks it is hilarious.
She has had a baby already and should understand how protective a new Mother is over their firstborn.
It's not even helpful, which I think is what she thinks she is being. It is stepping on our toes.
I feel as though I am constantly on edge when she visit's and I don't enjoy it.
What upsets me the most is that she is putting her own needs in front of my son's needs.


Sandi - posted on 08/18/2013




Speak with your husband about expressing your mutual feelings about the situation. If he is unwilling or unable to do, you'll have to get up the nerve to do it yourself. The other way to handle it is when she attempts to take over a task, either you or your husband tell her "no, I/we'd rather do it ourself." Eventually she'll get the message. But if no one speaks up, she won't know how you feel. It's YOUR baby, so take charge.

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