My sister in law is mean to my 3yr old

Cece - posted on 07/24/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am so sick and tired of my sister in law being mean and rude to my 3yr old daughter and my husband allowing it (its his older sister) . She shouts at her and curses at her at times and always try to discipline her even when we are present. I am afraid this behavior is now rubbing off on her 8yr old son who is mirroring it minus the cursing. She is not allowed to play with his toys whereas he always breaks hers and there is always no consequences for it. I do not involve myself with his parenting and I cannot understand why she is involving her with my child's. He recently also started telling fibs about my daughter whereby his mother blatantly told us all (in front of him) that her child never lies. SHE IS A VERY OVERPROTECTIVE PARENT AND ONCE EVEN BRAGGED ABOUT THREATENING OTHER KIDS AT SCHOOL SO THAT THEY WOULDNT THINK OF BULLYING HIM. I am at the end of my rope and a huge explosion is inevitable. Please give me some advice on how to approach this situation as I fear I might get emotional and cause irreversible damage


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I agree with Shawnn, stop letting her around your kid. Don't go to her house, because in your house, you have every right to enforce 'house rules' such as polite speech or not breaking stuff. Doesn't matter who's kid it is, your house, your rules.

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 07/24/2013




First, stop letting your child around the bitch!

Next tell hubby that you and he need to have a discussion about his sister, her treatment of your child, and the necessary steps to take.

Stand your ground. But, it is ok for you to remove her toys from him, and nicely say "I'm sorry, but 'Suzy's' toys need to be put away now. I see that you have toys of your own to play with." When he's being a rude little brat (mirroring his mother, yes, but still not OK), you can reprimand him and remind him to use his nice words. Tit for tat, my dear. If she 'parents' yours, you do the same in common areas. Don't take your daughter to her house, do not go out of your way to associate with her, but if at your house, or common ground (grandparents, etc)...

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