My sister likes to give lots of advice about sleeping arrangements

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I am a single parent (mom), to a 6th grade girl. Her father is not in the picture and we are very close. She is happy, well adjustment socially, mentally, plays sports, sings and is at the top of her class with grades. We had to move a lot due to my job, but have been settled for the past few years. My sister, who has never married, and does not have any kids likes to continuously give advice. She is very upset that my daughter still likes to sleep in my room. I have let it go, allowing my daughter to take baby steps to sleeping in her own room. That said, she sleeps in there sometimes, and is very independent and has had many years of successful sleepovers at friends houses. Because my sister constantly addresses this, I wanted to ask others out there. She continuously compares my daughter to her friends kids. The difference, I am a single parent who is financially stable, but her friends are very successful with live in nannies. I know I am defending her sleeping in my room, but am I really hurting her emotionally? I do not see it in her daily behavior, but can this really damage her like my sister keeps telling me. It is difficult for me to listen to a woman who has never had a long term relationship telling me my actions will damage my daughters other relationships. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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~♥Little Miss - posted on 03/15/2014




Your daughter is well adjusted and is fine. I personally don't feel that you are harming her or "damaging" her in any way. If she feels more secure in sleeping with you, who really cares?

People love to give unsolicited advice. Just let your sister know that you appreciate her concern, but you both are doing great. It really is non of her business. I hate to say this, but it is the truth. When and if she has kids, she may understand. Until then, she never will. Keep being the single parent HOW you want to do it.

Jodi - posted on 03/15/2014




I doubt it would "damage" her, but I think you need to ask the question on why she feels the need to sleep in your room and not her own. Or is it that you like her sleeping there? Maybe she feels she would be letting you down? I can't say, but I think your first question should be why she does.

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