My Sister want spend time with her 2 girls which are 6 and 8 years of age.

PHALISHA - posted on 11/15/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




My sister works 7 days a week. And on the weekends that she is off she goes to see her boy friend that lives and hour and 45 minute a way from where she lives.She will leave on a Friday morning and be gone the hole weekend from her kids and return home on late Sunday night. When she leaves she want call home to check on her kids until the next day which is that Saturday. She lies and says that she will be home at 6:00pm and don't show up until 10:00 or 10:30 She never tells her kids where she is going or when she is coming back home. I have to be the one to tell them when they ask when is there mom coming home. My sister will lie to her kids and tell them she has to work when she knows that's not the truth. My sister looks for me and my youngest son to watch her kids while she runs up and down the streets going to see her boyfriend. I have been trying to do my best by my sister and help her out but she is just using me and my son to watch her kids while she runs the road. I love my sister but I can"t stand by any longer letting her use me so that she can go see her boy friend. My sister kids all ways asking me when is there mom coming home and where is she at. What should I do my sister boyfriend seem to be more important to her then her kids. Me and my mom both have tried to talk to her but it has not done any good. Tonight is Saturday night and instead of her been her at home with her kids she is of in Greensboro with her boyfriend. My sister lives in Roxboro Nc. My sister had to work today she had to be at work by 2:30pm and she worked from 2:30 until 11:30 tonight and untested of her getting off from work tonight coming home to her kids she left work and went to Greensboro to stay with her boyfriend tonight and then she will be back home late tomorrow afternoon. I don't know what to do to make her understand that she needs to be her for her kids and spend time with them. Because the oldest girl is all ready acting out especially when her mom leaves home for a couple of days.


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Wanda - posted on 11/16/2014




Is she newly divorced or separated? So many women try to heal stress with a new relationship often forgetting about their parenting role.
I think u need to remind her of her parenting role, and let her know that her children are suffering. If she doesn't understand that then you will need to use the words " BAD mother" and see if that hits a nerve.

Ev - posted on 11/16/2014




I agree with Little Miss or just quit watching them altogether. Tell her they are her responsibility. Where is their father in this? Maybe you should contact their father and tell him what is going on and see if he can take them instead of you doing it all the time. Sounds like she is worried about what the world can do for her instead of what she needs to be doing for her children.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 11/16/2014




Well, it doesn't sound like she WORKS 7 days a week.

Stop enabling her. Tell her you can no longer watch her children when she is not at work. Not sure what else to tell you. Just love her kids, and give them plenty of YOUR attention since they cannot get it from mom.

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