My six year old daughter cries endlessly whenever she does not get her way. She is overly sensitive. She is forever complaining about everyone hurting her feelings when she is being called into order about her behavior


Dove - posted on 07/09/2015




Do you cater to her when she acts like this? She could be struggling w/ emotional issues... or she could have just found a ploy that works to guilt trip mom.

Stay firm (but gentle) and consistent if her behavior is out of line. It can be hard on a little one when they get in trouble for negative behaviors and it is important to acknowledge their feelings w/out letting them get away w/ the behavior that got them in trouble in the first place.

It could be a matter of changing your tone when you talk to her or just letting her be upset about it for a while and then helping her work through her emotions and understanding that it is normal to be upset when you get in trouble. Getting in trouble doesn't mean you love her any less, but because you love her you can not allow her to just do whatever she wants.

Amy - posted on 07/09/2015




My daughter is 5 and stomps off to her room when she doesn't get her way, when she's calmed down she comes out. I don't cater to her behavior and I certainly don't give in. She can also be overly sensitive but that doesn't change the rules and she knows it.


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