My six year-old step son is profoundly autistic...Can anyone help?

Tiffini - posted on 08/03/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




My husband is currently in a nasty custody battle with the mother and is trying to obtain full custody of his son. His son is non-verbal, still in diapers, doesn't take direction and is kind of in his own world. However, he is the sweetest most lovable kid. His mother refuses to put more effort into getting him the help that he needs. He only goes to school for a half day, he's in no other programs outside of school. When he yells, screams or cries she hits or yells at him. We have already been told that within the next few years his condition will become worse and the mother will not continue to have custody because she won't be able to control him and he may be a danger to her other three children, one who is a newborn. Does anyone have any suggestions or info on profound autism and what his future may be? Is there anything that we can do to get him on the right track? This diagnosis is a new for everyone in our family and we're looking for ways to make the best out of it! Thanks for any comments ♥

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