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My son is 9 months old now he seem to sleep whenever he wants does not really have a routine get up every morning at all diffrent times of the morning and goes to bed all diffrent time of the night.And he always wants my to hold him if i even try to leave the room when he up he starts to cry and everyone say's just let him cry but i do not have the heart to let him so what should i do im at the point were i am not sure i know he is teethin my docters says he is gettin all his teeth in at once and i try oral jel it does not really work for him i been useing advil to help only at night if need so i am hopeing someone has idea to help a single full time mom ,,,,,,,,and first time mother

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I think you should start with a routine. It will allow both of you to know what's happening next. Set up a night time routine and the days will fall into place. Mine is Dinner, play, bath, books and bed asleep betwen 7 and 7:30. For the first little while wake him at 7 so he can have a nap around 11 and 2. As for the night sleeping, I was recommended this my a pediatrician: Night 1: routine, put babe in his bed awake and walk out. Check on him briefly every 10 min, but only pop in and pop out nothing more. If this takes more that 15 min for him to go to sleep, go into him throughout the night with whatever it is that soothes him his room though. Do this until it takes 15 min or less and once that happens DON"T GO IN UNTIL MORNING. It is really hard but children reall crave a routine and helps them feel secure and know what is going to happen next. This could be why he is clingy although I think it is also a developmental stage at 9 months....mine still is and she is 17 months! A routine willl also allow you to know when you are going to get a break also, to just put your feet up and take a nap or something. Good luck. Feel free to send me a message if you want some clarification.


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If he is teething - I think you should comfort him but if he is just having separation anxiety and crying you should let him cry. Try the Ferber Method. I didm i t for two nights. It did kill my heart but after that my daughter never again had an issue with bedtime. I am a strong believer in this method. She is 16 now and we both remember those two nights.

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Teething could be a reason for waking up but a routine is really important to know whats what.. is it teething or is it him being a 9mth old wanting his own way... you do need to do what feels right for you but need to set times.. my kids go to bed at 7-7.30 i read them a story or play a card game teeth and then bed... they were in bed by 6 when they were younger (they are 3 and 2 now) Pack his day full or activity... go for a wald in the morning.. go to the park.. play on the floor.. etc then sleep at lunch and repeat in the arvo... by keeping him busy and don't put him down for a sleep after 3 was my rule. I would feed them early if they were getting cranky and then put them to bed early... If he wakes during the night looking to be held just pat him on the back and give him a chance to realise he isn't getting what he wants but you are there for him. You may have a few rough nights but be strong and it will make things easier... set a plan /routine and give him the indicators so he understands when it is sleep time may help you out.. good luck

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