my son 6 year old son has autism

Alisha - posted on 03/05/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




My 6 year old has been having problems in school with personal space (touching girls hair or bumping into people way too much getting in their face or whispering in their ears) also he has problems with noticing his surroundings for example knocking things off walls tables ect, or when its rug time instead of my son walking around to find a spot on the rug he walks right threw and steps on anyone in his way but he doesnt notice he does it at all and he gets in trouble or shown the right way to go over and over again I really need some tips that i can work with him at home and have the school try to I have him a psychologist appointment to talk to them I really want to work with him without meds he is a very active outgoing funny happy child in his own little world and he is very hyper can't forget to add that but I know with some work I can help my child like the quote i have seen before Imagination perhaps .. Imagination is only Intelligence having fun and i believe that quote was made for my son all the way he is sooo smart just needing some advice to help him thrive!!!

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