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My 16 year old son lied to CPS because he wanted to be with his father who had dumped because he refused to believe he was molested by his other child. So his father talked him into telling them a lie about me so he could live with him. After 1 year my son put himself into a Mental Hospital because he wanted to kill himself and father. CPS refuses to get involoved now because they know he lied about me. I have taken this to the courts also and they refuse to believe the abuse. I have now gotten Jose Padilla to make father release records from Mental Hospital but father never does what the Judge tells him to do and he always gets away with it. My son now is saying he hates me and want to stay with his father. He discharged himself from Mental hospital because father told him he would stop the abuse. They tried to talk him out of it but he believed his father. Now the abuse is started again. Father will not him talk to me and he has told me he hates me. I don't know what to do for my son anymore. This Judge is known for ignoring abuse and even one parent was killed when she begged him to let her leave state due to x-husband saying he would kill her. My x-husband is doing the same to me but this Judge is ignoring all of it. I feel hopeless. Fathers father told me that my x-husband actually molested his other son that he never raised. The grandparents did. Now I fear maybe he is molesting my son. He is now doing drugs, smoking, failing school, having sex, and caught out at all hours of the night by police. Even pollice ignored it when my son reported the abuse he is suffering at the hands of his father. I can't afford a attorney. What am I to do?


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OMG, my heart goes out o you! Have you looked into legal aid, or changing judges? I had some things like that go on with my brother and parents. Not to this extent. Have you looked into family crises centers, I don't know if they can help or not?

I wish I could reach over and give you a hug, I watched my mom suffer with what to do with similar circumstances.

Let me know if I can go anything

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