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Neusa - posted on 11/20/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




He is 3 when we go food shop he get out stroller an want to run way ,when i try to stop him he screen and people look at me he make a show drive me crazy


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Gena - posted on 11/21/2014




Maybe start trying to go shopping without the stroller. Tell him to hold the trolley and stay by you,if he is good and behaves he may get a small treat at the end of shopping,like a small chocolate or lollipop. What really helped us to get our son to behave in the stores was to include him in the shopping,for example i would tell him "we need 4 apples" we would look for the apples and then he could help me count the four apples and so on. Try making shopping fun for him aswell. Our rules are that our son must walk and stay by us at all times,no running off. Also no touching everything. He really does a great job and never runs off. He also doesnt touch the foods and asks befor if he may have something he sees and would like. It just takes practice in the beginning,and if people what,let them look,they were also once kids or many of them have kids.

Jodi - posted on 11/20/2014




So don't let him out of the stroller. Let him know that as a consequence, next time you shop he won't be allowed out of the stroller. Then, next time, follow through with that and let him know if he can show he is well behaved in the stroller, you may allow him to try out of the stroller again next time. And so on.

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