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Laura - posted on 08/01/2015 ( 5 moms have responded )




My son has just told me he is bisexual and that he is dating someone who is trans.I don't have a problem with his sexuality.I am just so confused as to how this relationship works.He says they have not been intimate yet.He also insists he is not gay.I just don't understand


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Nicole - posted on 08/02/2015




I agree, I think he is probably just in the experimentation stage...just show him you except him just the way he is. He may not like it and change very relax don't worry.

Michelle - posted on 08/02/2015




Your post really doesn't make sense, he has said he is bisexual but isn't gay. Bisexual means he is attracted to both men and women. You also haven't said what way his partner is trans. Man to woman or woman to man?

You really don't need to understand it all though. Be there as a support for him when he needs it, that's all you need to do.

MaryAnn - posted on 08/01/2015




You dont need to understand. You just need to love him and support him. Treat this partner as you would any other girlfriend (boyfriend? Trans isnt a very clear descriptor). If youre confused, ask GENDER and act accordingly. The between-the-legs history is irrelevant. Remember. Like any other girl/boyfriend... as a parent, you wont want to hear it.
He might be experimenting. He might not be. But he's your son, and He's in love, so you should be happy for him if he's happy.

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 08/01/2015




Ditto Sarah. I can't really add a lot more, except LOVE your son. Let him see that no matter what his sexuality, it really doesn't matter.

Sarah - posted on 08/01/2015




How old is your son? While many young people are certain of their sexual identity, many go thru times of experimentation before settling. If he is truly bisexual, he means he is sexually attracted to and desires relationships with both males and females. If he were gay, he'd desire male partners only. Transgendered people are born with the body of one gender but the brain, beliefs and feelings of the other gender. Trans people can be pre-operative, post-operative or in transition. So, you son may be dating a person who identifies them-self as a woman, but has all male parts (or it could be the opposite, a man with female parts). Depending on where in transition his new partner is, she may still have a penis, but have breasts, dress like a woman, and identify herself as a woman. Just as a female to male may not have breasts but still have a vagina. If you address a male to female trans person, you should use feminine pronouns and treat her like any other girl. Conversely if you talk to a female to male trans person, you use male pronouns and treat him like any other man.
The mechanics of how it works in their private life, is best left to them to figure out.

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