My Son and I have Cat/Dog Allergies, Tired of being Demonized for Giving away Pets

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Every since I had my Son I've been getting colds and flus more often. Continuously I've been congested and had itchy eyes. I figured it was just a cold hanging on. To hopefully be able to sleep virtually every night I've needed breath right strips, the vicks vaporizer, and a humidifier. In the morning I still woke up congested.

On September 12 we left for B.C. for 10 days. For those 10 days it was like a miracle! I didn't need to use any of my "sleep aids" the entire time! But the night we got back BLAMMO couldn't breath again. I also noticed that my 1 1/2 year old Son was stuffy again and really rubbing his eyes.

The only difference between home and B.C. is 2 cats and a dog.

I tried to brush it off but it's only gotten worse for both of us. Finally I got reffered to get tested for allergies. Sure enough today I found out since my pregnancy I have developed allergies to grass, dogs and cats. The allergist said even with the symptoms I had in the office I would require a perscripion allergy medication and sinus spray. He said I could also try 2 years of allergy shots to try and lesson the allergy, though that wasn't guarunteed to work.

While there he did an assesment of my Son and what his symptoms were. Even without doing the allergy test he said if I had the allergy is was 40% likely my Son would, and with the symptoms I explained it was almost a certain thing.

SO one of the harder decision in my life had to be made, the pets must go.

If it was just me with these issues I would probably try the medication and treatment. However I do not one my 1 1/2 year old constantly on medication day after day so he can breath right at night and not have itchy eyes.

So now I'm looking for homes for my 5yr old dog and 4yr old cat. I am hoping that will reduce the allergins enough that my 10yr old cat with health issues can remain with us. Upon posting my bad news and the fact I was looking for new homes for the 2 animals on Facebook I was instantly slammed with people telling me allergies are no reason to get rid of pets. Stories about how they have allergies and still have cats or dogs, about their parents who let them have pets and were on medications for allergies.

My big thing is none of them have chidlren. I used to foster animals and was that idealistic. I think at one point during my pregnancy I announced I would never give up my pets they were here first and my child would just have to deal with it. WOW how your mind changes when you're watching your baby rubbing his eyes desperate for relief.

So really I just need to vent and hear the opinions of some Mom's.

Sorry for the longness but I needed to get that out.


Sherry - posted on 06/20/2012




We just had to get rid of my son's guinea pigs. He is heartbroken and very mad at me. He is 8 yrs old. We have had them 5 weeks and he has been sick 4 of those weeks. He has been on 2 antibiotics, 2 rounds of steriods because he has had 2 ear infections, awful cough and a bad asthma flare. We told him why we were getting rid of them and that we found an awesome family that has 1 girl and 2 boys like our family. He is soo mad at me. I hope when he starts feeling better he will forgive me.

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I have followed my Doctors advice on bathing the pets, vacumning, keeping them out of the rooms, ect ect. It hasn't helped nearly enough. If my Son wanders over and puts his face right on the dog or cat he immediately starting rubbing his eyes and snuffles up. At my friends house he just has to go on the dog bed the puffyness starts.

My concern with keeping my pets is they aren't going to be able to enjoy themselves nearly as much as they should. To prevent my Son from rubbing all over them they would need to be gated in the entryway or kitchen. They've almost always had free run of the house, but it being a 900sqft condo if I have to keep them seperated from my Son or myself their roaming space drops to nothing.

Even before it was official I've found I'm not doing nearly as much with them as I once did. Having the dog in the car for a ride in the seat next to Terrance is not a good choice. Letting my cats sleep in our room ensures I won't sleep all night. Then there is his playroom where I cannot ensure I'll ever have the time, effort, ect to sanitize his toys after the cats or dog sneak in there.

This may be selfish but I would rather spend time playing with my Son than constantly vacumning, sweeping, cleaning, so he and I are able to breath properly.

I have contacted one resuce organization in the area. I have also interviewed a few people in regards to Pepper. One is a farm with a retired man who has had a heeler for the past 14 years, but it's getting near the end of her days. My Mother has agreed Duncan the cat can stay with her for awhile until we can find the right home.

Thank you everyone for your advice and support. It makes me feel better hearing from people who have children and had to deal with the same heartbreaking situation.


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Michelle - posted on 10/29/2009




Your child comes before your pets. I love animals but the health of my children comes before my dog and ferrets. You're doing the right thing. It's the right thing for the kid and for the pet. The pet deserves a good home and your kids well come on they are your kids. Good luck it's hard giving up pets that you love.

Amy - posted on 10/28/2009




I too have a child with pet allergies. I had to get rid of my cat that I had for 7 years. I love animals, but my child comes first. The good news is maybe your child will out grow it. As soon as I got a new home for my cat, I bought more expensive furnace filters, swept real good, and bought a mattress protector for any bed my child might lie in. when the weather gets bad is the only time I have to use the nebulizer. So don't feel bad this happens. it's harder to have everyone miserable and a pet no one can enjoy!!

[deleted account]

my son has had excema real bad since 3 mos old, now 2.. recently got him to allergist for reaction to vaccine, nonetheless, got him tested for the usual.. turns out allergic to cats and oak trees.. the cats have been outside house for couple of mos now.. made huge difference. plus i changed bathing frequency, but cat hair, dander.. not helping, plus allergist told me that if he kept on being exposed daily to cats and didnt get excema under control, could end up in asthma.. so i wasnt going to risk it.. hes doing great now.. so dont feel bad, pets are pets, babies are way more imp

Marcy - posted on 10/28/2009





When we brought our son home from the hospital we had adopted a 3 year old male bulldog (this would have been our 3rd bullie adoption). Well, he was a total nutjob of a dog. Very lovable but within a few days of being home with a new baby and dealing with him I knew he had to go. We found a great home for him and he is a happy camper. Bottom line is, no matter what you do, there is always going to be someone out there who does not agree with how you are doing it. If I had a child who was allergic to pet dander I would do the same thing. Why would you want to give your child drugs this point in their lives? Have you ever seen the movie Madagascar with the funny penguins that say 'Smile and wave boys...just smile and wave"? That's my life motto now......tell the crazy people that are giving you a headache to pound sand and go focus on the real animla issues out there like the people who beat their pets or leave them to starve to death...

Good luck and I hope that eventually your home will be filled with pets again....

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Nothing is more important than your child's health. An animal is an animal, it can find another loving home, your baby can't!

Jana - posted on 10/28/2009




All four of my children developed infancy asthma and I was told no pets in the house. We stuck to that and I am so allergic myself to cat hair that I can't be in close quarters for more then an hour before developing ichy puffy eyes, sore throat etc. We do have rabbits outside that come in for short periods of time and then we vacum well after. I have simply told people that the health of my child is more important then the pets we've had to turn down over the years. We've had neighbors call us horrid names because the cats messing in our yard at one point was causing health issues with my youngest two. I tell people that pets can adjust, they aren't humans nor should they be put on the same level as us. A human babies health and life is far more important then that of an animal. I grew up with dogs and have wanted one my whole married life, but it's not feasible so I gave up that dream long ago. Hang in there and understand you're the only one who knows what's really best for your family! There are usually farms or places you can take your children where they can learn about caring for and loving animals.

Kate CP - posted on 10/28/2009




This is a damn tough decision. I honestly don't know what I would do if I was faced with the same situation. However, you have to do what's right for you and your family. If you want to find a good home for your furkids let me know what area you are in and I may be able to contact a rescue society for you. If you want to try to keep your pets I would suggest you private message Miss Sharon. She's been rescuing for years and years and knows all about pets and allergies. She's a good source to go to.

Sharon - posted on 10/28/2009




I typed a long reply explaining how to deallergize your home & pets but COM ate it again. I can help you with that if you want. It might be worth trying it, if you can't find good homes you trust with your pets.

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What muppets! An allergy is actually one of the better reasons to find them a new home. We got a kitten because I love cats but it turns out my fiance is allergic to them. It broke our hearts to give her away but is he supposed to live in discomfort? No. We made sure she had a good home to go to and that was that...only a little guilt because we didnt actually want to give her away. I think we actually got laughed at for saying we wanted to try keeping her when he had the allergy. Dont let anyone guilt you for making a decision in the best interests of your childs and your own health :)

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Ignore the idiots, you do what is best for your child's health. It must be hard for you to give up your beloved pets but your baby comes first. Hugs to you.

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