My son and I live with my parents who do not share the same opinion about what to do about my sons allergies. We have a strict religion that we are to go by that we are to have faith in God to heal my son. Since i have been giving him the medicine, he is much better, but is hyper and disrespectful. I cant seem to weigh out the pros and cons of this issue. I feel guilty for not having faith. Yet i feel even more guilty if i dont give him the medicine, and he suffers. Is there anyone out there that has some advice? Thanks, Marshalls Mom


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Lacye - posted on 11/29/2012




How old is your son? If he is being hyper and disrespectful, it could be due to his age and him testing his boundaries with you and not the medicine. If the medicine is working, I would keep giving it to him. I would rather have a hyper child than a sick child.

Also if he is getting to be too hyper, find extra activities for him to do. Something that will take away some of his energy. Teach him how to rollerskate or enroll him in some kind of sport. You can even put some music on and let him dance around. Something that he will have fun with but will wear him out at the same time.

Rebekah - posted on 11/29/2012




That is difficult.

My own belief is that God has given us the gift of science as another miraculous way to experience healing, in addition to any divine healing that He provides. But your faith is different, so you need to come to some kind of resolution.

Just some questions in my mind... How serious is the allergy? Is it life-threatening or making his life unbearably difficult? You chose to try the medication, so I gather your maternal instincts were kicking in to give your son relief. So if you choose to stay with medicine, can you consult with the doctor and see if a different medication (or different dose) would have less disagreeable side effects? Are there any natural remedies that could help alleviate his suffering? Is there any way to lessen the allergen? And, are you certain that its the medication that is causing the behavior? (they can do that, but its just important to be sure that it is that, and not something else)

Do your parents not support you at all with your choice? Are you actively practicing the religion? Since we are of different backgrounds, I can't give you spiritual advice, but as a mom, I encourage you to follow your instincts as a mom to do what you feel is best for your son. Your child is a gift from God and you are entrusted to do right by him. I can't see that allowing your child to suffer and do nothing is what a loving God would really want. Explore your options and talk it through with people you respect.

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