my son bad he want listen to teacher i out there eveyday what should i do


Ariana - posted on 10/11/2012




Maybe there are issues at school you don't know about? See if maybe he can talk to a school councellor about what's going on.

Does he act up at school or just at home?

If you talk to him and there seem to be no real issues at school going on maybe talk to the teacher and see if you can get some sort of reward/consequence system going.

If he gets a good report from the teacher (maybe every day to start and then progressively he has to go longer and longer times without acting out). If he gets a good report he gets something extra he likes, maybe give him a choice of a couple things, extra tv time, special trip out (to the park or something), or something else he likes. If he acts up he gets things taken away, no tv/screen time for that night, can't go play with friends, or something like that.

Let him know that you are there to talk to him about any problems at school.

Your son is old enough to learn from consequences like this. It will show that you are backing up the teacher. Try to see if the teacher can talk to your son to see if there are ways she can help him in class in case he needs it.

I would still get him to talk to a school councellor who can work with him on his behavior at school and see if there are any other issues.

He might be acting out because of bullying, having trouble with school work, boredom, personality clash with the teacher etc. but he needs to work those things out if that is the case.

Like I said, speak with the teacher, incorporate consequences/rewards at home, and get him to see a councellor to see if there are underlying issues.

good luck!

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