My son becomes tense and shakes

Jennifer - posted on 04/09/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have an 11-month-old son. In the past, I have seen him shake out of tenseness. But it has always been when he is biting down really hard on something; his bottle nipple, a toy, etc. It was as if he is exerting so much strength that he starts shaking his little head a bit. But recently I've noticed he is doing it at other times. It's not at all connected to excitement or anger. He will be nonchalantly sitting on the floor, and he will suddenly tense up his muscles to where he shakes. It only lasts about two seconds. Has anybody else had a similar experience? Is this a random tic, or could this be a more serious problem? Thank you!


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Agata - posted on 06/19/2013




My son who is 15month does it too since few months. Usually he points to a small circle or hole or any center of the circle. He gets very tense and shakes for a few seconds. When he was younger I asked his pediatrician about it and she though it was normal. I am very curious what did your say.

Rebekah - posted on 04/09/2013




Run it by your pediatrician and see what they say.
I don't know if this is similar or not, but my nephew would do something similar to that. When he was under 2, he would like on the floor and tense up his whole body (with just a bit of shaking) and it would only last a few seconds. Later we found out he had a mild sensory processing disorder--most of his issues were related to food textures, but he would do other behaviors that were related to what he needed on a sensory level. He had some occupational therapy early on. He is ten now, and is a pretty typical kid, having worked through most issues. Again, I don't know that that is what you are seeing with your son, but just putting my experience out there. Kids will do what they need to do when it comes to sensory (actually, we all do). So if he's doing that, it may be to meet some kind of sensory need. ? See what the dr says.

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