my son biological dad isn't in his life...he never seen my son a day in his life... He started a new family with his girlfriend and her 2 kids and one of his own... If he ever calls me and ask to see our son what should I say? My answer and guest is no because he haven't done nothing all these 17 month.. In my eyes he is a low life dead beat


Kimberlee - posted on 11/01/2012




Your child is only 17 months old , imo it's premature to be thinking about barring the Dad from the child's life. It's extremely hard on a kid to believe their biological father abandoned them . I would still be hoping that the Dad will come around to doing the right thing for the child.

Don't get me wrong , I would be Pissed !! But your child still has a whole life to live and to live it with issues of abandonment is not what's best ,if it can be avoided.

Jodi - posted on 10/31/2012




"At best tell him you want him to sign his rights over and then you'll let him have supervised visitation 3 or 4 times a year for the benifit of your child. As for consistant visitation no way, he had his chance."

Really? Because sporadic visitation is so much better than consistent visitation?

Anyway, in response to the OP, I can understand why you would want to refuse any visitation if he ever asks, but just remember, people can change. For the sake of your son, you should always keep the door open for him to have a relationship with his biological father if either party wants to, and YOU don't want to be the one who has stopped that from happening. This is about your child's rights to know his dad. If his dad shuts the door on that by not contacting him, then you can't control that, BUT if YOU shut the door on that option, your son will hold you responsible for that. When he is 15, and he finds out you refused any visitation with his you think he will thank you?


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Samantha - posted on 11/01/2012




Its not that I wanna cut I'm out... But I tried my whole pregnancy to keep him involved in everything but he kept cutting me out saying rude and mean shit... And as his mom I'm gonna protect my son heart from being broken and stepped on... I gave him plenty of chances and opportunity to get it together and he like leave me alone...

Michelle1544 - posted on 11/01/2012




You should not be the one to cut Dad out of the child's life. You should be doing everything possible to encourage a relationship between them.

Children need and deserve both parents whenever possible !! Short of abuse a father and child should be in each other lives. Of course you cant make him be a dad but it's also not your place to cut him out , your child would grow up to resent you.

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