My son can not say words

Nicole - posted on 02/08/2011 ( 6 moms have responded )




My son is 2 1/2 and cannot speak words. I have a 2 year old girl cousin who can speak words everyone can understand a lot better than my son. He has maybe 3 words I can understand but he stills doesn't say them quit right. he says ju for juice, and he can say ow and for spongebob he says bob bob. He sometimes say mama and dada, and one time he said dog but thats about it. He knows what a dog is though. He'll bark when I say dog or when he sees one. My mother in law bought him the your baby can read program but he doesn't really interact with it. He'll play with the books and cards but he just flips the pages. I have also tried reading to him but he will not sit down to listen or he'll just flip the pages and point to the pictures then flip again. Does anyone have any advice that worked for them.


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I would talk to your doctor and look up signs of Autism online. My son is 2 and he stopped talking at 14 months after having about 10 words and there were other signs I hadn't really thought about. He saw a specialist at 18 months and has been in therapy since. We recieve deveolpemental and speech through ECI and ABA and sensory therapy through Easter Seals. He is doing amazing and even though he really doesn't have a lot of words, he has some signs he can use. I'll tell you what else has made a world of difference, ear tubes. He has mutliple ear infections his first year and although he didn't have many last year, he was still not talking. We took him to an ear nose and throat doctor and it turned out he had only about 10 percent function in each ear. The procedure took about ten minutes and within 30 we were on our way back home. That night he looked at me and said mama, which he had never done before. I still tear up when he calls me mama.

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I have trained as a speech therapist for the under fives and I think you need to be referred to a speech therapist. In the mean time try playing singing action games with him. My daughters favourites were Row row your boat, and Humpty dumpty. Children learn with repetition and fun so sing these songs over and over to him until eventually he will pick up the odd word. Make learning fun as much as possible spend time one to one talking to him playing cars or whatever he likes to play with and talk alot. Over exaggerate your facial expressions and big smiles will encourage him to interact. Ask your son questions like what is that (and point) it's a ball. What is it? A ball it's a ball. The more fun you can inject into his play the quicker he will respond.

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Have you spoken to his doctor? Have you had his hearing tested? That is the first step to rule out when there is a speech issue. It is not a good idea (though I know hard to avoid) to be comparing your son to another child since EVERY child develops differently and girls 'typically' develop speech before boys do.

It is definitely worth checking in to this. If his hearing is fine the next step would be an evaluation by Easter Seals (or the similar in your area). Most of the early intervention programs are from birth to 3, so NOW is the time to get this looked at.

He may very well just be a slow talker and start speaking up a storm w/in the next few months, but imo it is better to get help and not need it than to 'wait it out' and find out in a few years that you SHOULD have been getting him help earlier.


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Armanda - posted on 02/11/2011




Hi Nicole. I would bring up your concerns with your pediatrician. The doctor might want to have his hearing tested and send you for an early intervention evaluation. We had to do this for my son, he was not saying as much as he should and had many ear infections. He ended up needing speech therapy, and now talks up a storm. The speech therapist said that by 2, a child should have at least 50 words, and say some two word sentences. There are a lot of things that you can do to help. Reading a lot of books with repeated phrases and repetition, singing nursery ryhmes, going to library story time, and just talking about things throughout the day. Also, using a straw, blowing bubbles, and blowing whistles help strengthen the muscles used when speaking. Play with farm animals, cars, trains, and encourage him to make the sounds with you. We found picture cards and baby signs usefull in the beginning because our son started having tantrums he was so frustrated at not being able to express himself. Hope this is helpful. Good luck to you!

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my nearly 3 year old is the same he does have more than 10 words that we can understand but he wont connect words and is now under a speach therapist and she sugested makaton sign so even though he may not be able to say the word he can ( my son ) sign it then i repeat the sign with the word we have been doing this for the last two weeks and he can now say dink for drink apple and tractor he also like rymes with actions like row row and head and shoulders which he is starting to do the actions to, it all to do with repetition we are also useing the my first word books which have a big picture on one page and the word on the other, when he started this he wouldn't say the word but he would reconise the picture and after a while in stead of me saying what the picture was i started asking him by pointing to the pic and saying whats this it took a few goes but if he can say it he will now answer and if he has ago at one he can't say right i always praise him for trying

Nicole - posted on 02/08/2011




Thankyou for the advice. I have scheduled an appointment with his doctor to hopefully get referred to a speech specialist to find out if everything is ok. And I do know you shouldn't compare children it's just hard not to. People tell me not to worry but it's hard because when I was little I ha speech problems due from my ears and had to get tubes pit in my ears.

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