my son can not stop eating candy- how can I make him understand how bad it it


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Chet - posted on 07/02/2014




How you handle this depends partly on how old your son is...

Cutting sugar in general will help. The more sugar you eat the more sugar you want. Drinking juice and pop, and eating processed foods that have added sugar, will prime you to want sweeter things.

Getting too hungry can make you crave sugar. So can lack of sleep.

Definitely work to educate your son about healthy foods though You won't always be there to control or restrict his access to unhealthy food so you need to help him form good habits and learn about making good food choices on his own.

One thing I don't do is use candy as a reward. Our kids do get candy and ice cream and other junk sometimes, but not to celebrate accomplishments or to reinforce good behaviour. It's not a healthy association.

Our kids are still pretty little, and another thing I do is try to make sure that their access to junky food is when they are already pretty full. This isn't always possible, but I do the best I can.

Ev - posted on 07/02/2014




Put it up and only give him so much of it and do not allow him access to the rest of it.

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