My son chooses his fiance and her family. We were always close; now I hardly ever see him.

Jane - posted on 03/22/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated. My son and I have always been very close. We shared a very special bond for years & years. I have another grown child, a daughter who is recently married. I was and am a wonderful mother; my children are my greatest gifts in my life. My husband (their Dad) passed away 12 years ago). I stepped up to the plate and did the best I could to be both mother and father. The three of us had a wonderful connection. Now they are both on their own. My son lives with his fiancé and her family. He lives 5 minutes from where I do. I hardly ever see him. Christmas this year was painful as I ended up feeling like a stranger in a strange land. My son's fiancé's parents were not home - they had gone to the beach (we live in New England); it was me, my son and his fiancé. I tried to engage in conversation, suggested we do a few fun things, etc. It was met with resistance no matter what I offered. I ended up leaving and going home. It is clear his fiancé isn't comfortable with me even though I have welcomed her with open arms, given my son tons of space, and have been very flexible in trying to work out a loving relationship between everyone. It is clear I am not welcome in her family's home. I've asked my son about this and he says I am welcome but every time I suggest something that involves me going to his house, he suggests we meet somewhere instead. I am at the point of letting go of my son, although this is the last thing I want to do. It is clear he has chosen his fiancé's family over me for whatever reason. I know my son loves me and wants a relationship with me but it is also clear her family is the priority. Any suggestions? Thank you so much :)

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