my son died in iraq last year and my grandson ,my daughterinlaw wont let me see,i cry everyday,last time i saw him was in hawaii at my sons memorial ,his wife thinks she is doing nothing wrong and that if my son was looking down he be ok with it,shes deadly wrong if it was not for me she had no husband or child,how would she like it if my grandson was married and his wife did not let her see her grandchild if he died thats only one i have of my sons is his child and i cant love him and spoil him like other grandson,what do you ladies think about this you loose your son fighting for are freedom bad enough i had to bury my son before me he is my true hero,and his son is the mostr inportant person to me your thoughts


Medic - posted on 11/02/2011




Have you spoken to her about her reasoning? How long ago did he pass? This could be her way of grieving, messed up non the less.

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