My son does not complete his classwork and homework...

Sarika - posted on 07/13/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son does not remember to complete his classwork and home. Has very careless handwriting with lots of mistakes, doesnt bother much....about his studies, is more worried about playing and watching tv and mobile games....dont know how to bring him on track.....yesterday i just lost control and thrashed him badly....i have been feeling very bad after that.....i find myself helpless....


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Raye - posted on 07/14/2015




Set a routine where every night at a certain time you both sit down and go over his assignments. Have him doing homework while you fix dinner or whatever, so you can check on him and make sure that he's working on his studies. Tell him to let you know if he's having problems with something and you'll try to help him. Take away all TV, electronics, etc., until he's done. Maybe bribe him with staying up an extra 15-20 minutes playing a game if he spends an extra 15 minutes working on his spelling.

Jodi - posted on 07/13/2015




So you beat him up because he doesn't do his homework?

I would suggest removing the tv, games and toys (the distractions) until he has completed it. But "thrashing" him over it is not going to achieve anything.

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