my son does not want to go in toilet for potti. I really don't understand how to train him


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Dove - posted on 09/19/2014




Let him see the other members of the household using the toilet. You can get him his own toddler potty to mess around with and try if he wants. Really just talk to him about the process and follow his lead. If he's ready... he'll let you know and if he's not.. you'll just be wasting time and energy and causing you both unnecessary stress.

Ev - posted on 09/19/2014




It depends on his age and if he is really ready. Also his body is not going to be ready mostly until about the age of 3. Inside his organs that control the use or need of the toilet are not totally ready yet. He has not learned how to control those yet on his own that is why he uses a diaper until he is ready. Also the child has to show an interest in it too. If the child can pull pants up and down, says they are wet or dirty to you, or shows signs of being so, then you can try. Do not push it though, as it will either create fear of using the toilet or make them more stubborn about using one. Take your time.

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