my son doesnt know who his real father is.

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Hi, I am new here and the situation im in right now has push to seek for serious advice, I really hope i can find it here. Ive read many posts about telling your kids the truth about their father. My son is 9 and his bio dad was never in the picture. I meet my husband when my son was 4 yrs, until this date I am very scare to tell him that he is not his real father. We have another boy, now 3yrs old, this will be the first kid for him but for me i have 2 and he has taken the position of not paying attention to my son and instead just play with his real son. i am very hurt by this and ive told him many times but he says that until i tell my son who his real father is he will not change. I am sooo scare that with my husbands behaviour and this news will just destroy my son. I really need help on what to do. I want to tell him but i wish the relationship between him and my son were diferent. Thanks for reading my story and for your comments.


Lacye - posted on 09/11/2012




I do agree that you need to tell your son about who is real father is and why he is not around, but from the sounds of it, your husband isn't going to change just because you tell your son the truth. He seems like the type that he will always prefer his own biological child over a stepchild. You can give it a try for a bit and if he still does not change after you tell your son, confront him again. What he is doing is very wrong and he knew when he first married you that you had a child already and he should have been ready to take on the responsibilities.

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