my son got sick this past Saturday with a stomach flu it's Thursday now I've giving him the brat diet and pedialyte since yesterday and day before he had liguidy stools why is that is from getting over his flu ?


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~♥Little Miss - posted on 03/13/2014




How old is he??? Very important to know, but I am gonna answer this like he is a toddler or older.

It can take a little while for their poor little bodies to adjust. He still probably has a touch of the flu, so keep up with the brat diet and make sure he is getting plenty of fluids. Pedialyte is great for that, but also give him water. Give his little body time. If it continues for more than another day or 2, call the pediatrician and ask if he needs to come in. Or if he spikes another fever, vomiting or any other symptoms persist or starts, get him to the doctor.

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