my son has a trample fetish, what's the best I can do? Please read!

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Hi my name is Kayleigh I'm 38 and my son is 18 and has a trample fetish, I already know about this for a few weeks but I am still getting used to it, I used to notice my shoes not being like I left them and sometimes the soles were cleaned. So I began to suspect such thing and whore the pair of heels that had always cleaned soles to see his reactions and noticed he was starring at them, one time he even sneaker a picture with his phone, so I started talking about the fetish like I just saw an article about it and from one thing to another he admitted he had the fetish and he fantasized about getting trampled and licking heels and feet etc.
I'm actually okay with that though I'm still getting used to it, so I stopped caring that he would pleasure himself and lick my shoes clean, I even started to let him "play" with my just worn shoes when I got home from work.

Either way it's been I few weeks and a few days ago he asked if he could actually lick my heels as I was wearing them on my feet, so I let him lick them for a few minutes and it felt so awkward and weird, he got really in to it and even kissed my foot, afterwards he laid down and asked me to trample him, but that's still to weird for me so I just put my feet on him for a while, stood up (still on him) and them got off him and walked away.
Now Im okay with his fetish and want to fully accept it, and the only reason I didn't refuse letting him lick my heels and then standing on him was because he looked very scared when he asked me very timid I know it's embarrassing and I didn't want to embarrass him more and make him think I do t accept it or so, he's a sensitive yet responsible boy and I really love him!
So I wanted to see if I can get any advice and ideas from other moms who have the same or a similar situation and relation with their son, I've already read that I'm not the only one ho has a boy with a foot fetish but am I the only one who actually helps him out by letting him worship my heels and stepping on him? Is it too much or can it be acceptable? I could really use some help


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Clinical Case Studies2014, Vol. 13(4) 336 –351© The Author(s) 2013 Reprints and DOI: 10.1177/1534650113512020ccs.sagepub.comArticleA Modern Behavioral Treatment to Address Fetishism and Associated Functional ImpairmentNina Wong Sarver1 and Daniel F. Gros2,3AbstractThe clinical research and treatment options for sexual paraphilias are scant and have generally been limited to psychodynamic and early behavioral approaches. This article highlights the application of two existing evidence-based modern behavioral interventions, specifically behavioral activation and sensate focused therapy, to treat foot fetishism/sexual impulses and co-occurring mood/anxiety symptoms in a 57-year-old male Vietnam War veteran. This brief 6-week treatment addressed the patient’s complicating psychosocial factors and medical conditions, and focused on targeting behavioral avoidance symptoms associated with fetishism and depression (e.g., increasing socially and sexually appropriate and positive reinforcing behaviors in his environment). The patient no longer met diagnostic criteria for fetishism and endorsed significant reductions in depressed mood, anxiety, and stress at post-treatment and 1-month follow-up. This case illustrated how current behavioral treatments may be used to successfully treat patients with rare symptom presentations who may otherwise be neglected within a medical system.

A modern behavioral treatment to address fetishism and associated functional impairments (PDF Download Available). Available from: [accessed May 1, 2016].

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