my son has ADHD and a memory problem, we have tried three mediactions, Vivance, Focalin and Inutive and yet we havent see anything but aggressivenes or defiance; not a real change. Teacher said he can't focus nor understand what it is given in the classroom, I am desperate and want him to succeed, his dad is an excelent teacher fir him and does work with him every night; I take him to practice, therapy read books at night and try to help him as much as I can, should I try another medicine like concerta and give it a fourth try?

Paulette - posted on 09/05/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




My son is a bright sweet seven year old, but he has a learning disability and A.H.D as well, he suffers from a working memory loss, meaning that when he is addressed at school or read by me or his father he literally gets half of the information. today we attended a school conference regarding his poor scores and achievement and frankly my husband and I are very desperate. ( example) "He doesn't follow orders, he hits the walls, he can't answer questions when asked" since we had tried three different types of medication and none of them has really change his performance. He has also sensory issues and fine motor issues, we live in South Florida and we requested services from the school to assist us, should be try another medication like Concerta or Ritalin to help him besides the Occupational Therapy that he has been receiving since last year? I mean, my husband works with him with homework, I read to him and do the rest but believe me we feel that we must have been doing something terribly wrong we give him everything we could possibly do to help him, from sports, soccer, swimming, taekwondo to therapy. Any feedback would be great

Paulette Etcheberry

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