My son has an IQ of 66

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Just found out for sure that my son who is now 20 has borderline intellectual deficiency and IQ of 66. Christian is very knowledgeable about history which helped his IQ score. My son reminds me of "RAINMAN".

I have always known my son was special as all mom's do. It started out with Christian did not
speak understandably until he was about 4 years old. My husband at the time did not see the things or refused to accept that our son was special. I saw like him lining up his cars in a perfect line , even glued one night while I was at work linking logs on my coffee table and made like a parking lot on it. Christian would do a lot of little things that had me saying hmmm??

My husband and I separated and divorced due to his mental abuse,and our inrecliciable differences after 10 years of marriage. One night when christian was 10, I felt until I got my mind straight and fix me I decided to leave which now I know it was a horrible mistake which I feel guilt for everyday . I decided to let christian live with his father in florida and me in Texas near my family until he was 17. Christian was 2 years behind in school when he came to live with me, because the ex husband did not ,and refused to get Christian the proper help that he has needed all along. Mark, ex husband would say "theres nothing wrong with him,he's just lazy and doesn't care". "He doesn't need help , nothings wrong with him".

Christian just turned 20 on May 22,2016 and graduated from HS 2 weeks ago with class of 2016 with the help of our HS, and support of his HS principal, HS counsler, and special education teachers, and of course me,my fiance, and my sister, Tammy who has assisted me with Christian.

Christian was tested and has an IQ of 66 which is borderline intellectual and being tested for ADHD. Christian will need to be supported for the rest of his life. I just wish I could've been stronger to stand up to those people who wronged christian in his past.

Please offer your support and prayers.


Mom of a borderline Intellect.


Lindy - posted on 06/08/2016




My heart goes out to you and your son, Chistrian. I am very happy that he made such a huge life accomplishment of graduating from HS and that you had so much support in getting him to that point. Of course, I am sorry about the years that your ex was not helpful in getting Christian the care he needed to progress but I am hopeful that you can view that as being in the past and that you all have a strong future ahead. My prayers are with you and yours. May God touch your life in ways that you never thought possible and guide you in the next steps you need to make with Christian.

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