My son has anger problems what do I do

Lisa - posted on 09/02/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




He is 19 years old. When he not having rages, he is a wonderful kid , will give the world to you. But when is upset because he can't find is cell phone.he will cuss fuss cuss his 5 year old nephew out. Call everybody vulgar names.his sisters bad name . I am so afraid that he is going to be alone for the rest of is life. I have had to call the cops to my house many,many times but the won't do anything about nothing. Iam at my wits end don't know what to do help.


Melinda - posted on 09/02/2012




Has there been a change in his life? Would you consider therapy. Try filing a Chins or a Pins. Your son may be to old.

Exlain to your son he is an adult and has to control his temper. These are the rules. Give him a drop dead date to stop his behavior if he does not start taking things away from him.(his phone, computer...anything you pay for. Everytime he cusses make him pay you a dollar.

Write up a "lease" for your son, what is allowed, the rules of your house to include a curfew, no cussing allowed. Also include the consequences of his behavior in the lease. Both of you sign it.

Sit with your son and discuss his options, you should not have to walk on eggshells in your home.

Is there a male both you and he trust? If so have that person talk to your son to see why he is behaving this way. There may have been something that he may be dealing with.

I have a 3 yo boy, I may be completly off...Good Luck and God Bless.

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