My son has asthma and hasn't had an attack in a while. Recently he started complaining that he his ears are popping and he cannot hear well. He has also complained of pain in his ear. Brought him to the doctor and he said that he doesn't seem to have an ear infection but, gave him antibiotics for his throat that looked a little red. Now he is coughing in the evenings an does not cough when he goes to bed. Daytime he seems okay, but is coughing alot after supper. Gives him his puffers but, it does not seem to help. What can I do?


Liz - posted on 03/13/2013




My daughter has asthma and she was referred to a pediatric specialist in asthma and immunology. I recommend that you do likewise for your son, since his asthma does not seem to be under control : symptoms do not always manifest in an obvious pattern, such as wheezing, and can also be as simple as an increased cough. If in doubt, see a specialist who is more knowledgeable than your family doctor.

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