My son has bad mood swings what can I do?

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Ok, this is my first time here... My son is the reason I am posting this as I'm just lost... My son was diagnosed at 3yrs old with Epilepsy... We put him on meds and did all we could to help him "catch up"... The last time he went to his old neurologist he was 5 and we were told he was half his age emotionally... Ok, so we have that to go with... Then we tried school... He was put in special classes because he was behind in some areas and his behavior was unacceptable in the class... After a while he was diagnosed as ADHD and OCD with possible high functioning Autism... He's on medication for everything and had been functioning quite nicely, aside from a few outbursts and mood swings... But here lately within the last few months he has gone from being a good boy to down right despicable... Mood swings left and right, tries to force a hug when he knows you're upset about what he's doing... Says ugly and hateful things and if he doesn't sense you're upset then things just get worse... We have tried every imaginable discipline and nothing has worked... Even as I type this he's starting again with being hateful with his brother and sister... He says things that are at times just crazy... "I AM THE RULER OF THIS WORLD"... or "I WILL DO WHAT I WANT BECAUSE I CONTROL YOU"... I am going to have to take him in for some more psychological testing but I just don't know what to do anymore... He's 10 years old now and I'm afraid of what he may do in the future... Any suggestions?


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The side effects and long term effect of meds are still up for debate. In the short term they seem to help, in the long run ??? ....

I'd look into diet and behavior. I have seen a change in diet work wonders!!!!

Watch the labels (such as ADHD) as they just tend to shift the focus from where it needs to be. I mean they are of use as a fast means of describing a cluster of behaviors, but beyond that ....

And, I am thinking that when you say discipline, you might mean 'punish' as in - loss of toys, time in room .... with children who carry the labels you used with your son, I have never really seen this approach work. It usually makes things worse.

Kids who struggle with these issues tend to do better (more compliant) when the reward approach is used.

So, ignoring what you don't want, keep your focus on what you do want.

A behavior specilists can help you figure out the ways to apply this to your life.

Good luck

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I think you may need to see a behavioral specialist. He may need diet modification which could include gluten and casein free diet. It has proven to be effective in children with autism and their erratic behavior. He may also need his meds evaluated...make sure that with everything he is taking that some of it isn't causing adverse effects. A neuropsychologist would probably be of great help in your situation.


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Thank you :) I have since this question been to his psychiatrist and we have adjusted his meds :) But I'm trying to find a neuropsych and I'm going to take him to a nutritionist after we get a full workup done....

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