my son has been on drugs for awhile any info on whatv i can say or do for him


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Joanne - posted on 02/23/2014




Sorry to hear that your son is on drugs. You didn't mention how old he is and what drug he is using but you should get involved and help him to stop. His habit may not stop but it depends on what drug he is using. I've known several teens who got involved with drugs but didn't stop until something happened in their lives to make them want to stop. I also know a 35 year old who got addicted to heroin when he was just in his early twenties. He couldn't break the habit and his life is in ruin. One first step you can do is go on the internet and show him pictures of people who are on drugs. There's a lot of sites that you can choose from. Have him confront what he is doing with his life. Hope you stop him. Maybe he needs professional help.

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