My son has downsyndrome. He is four months old and only weihs nine pounds. His doctor has never had a downsyndrome baby as a paient before and is concerned so he called child services. We now go to the doc every week for weight checks. He keeps losing. Is there anything I can do to help him gain weight? He is bottles fed. Eats five in a half ounces every two hours . He sleeps during the night.


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Cathy - posted on 06/06/2013




maybe adding coconut oil to his formula or fish oil would help. check with your dr first. I had a friend whose little girl was downs and they put her on a 5,000 calorie a day diet to help her keep a little weight on. she had a prescription for pediasure and was giving a bunch of it everyday. I don't know if that is so healthy but that is what her dr wanted them to try.

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 06/06/2013




first, I'd recommend a pediatrician that has experience with special needs children. Then, I'd ask that ped what a good recommended diet is for a 4 mo old that can't seem to gain or keep weight on.

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