my son has lost his front teeth in an accident will it come back in his own or I have give medicine


Ledia - posted on 02/19/2015




You need to take him to the dentist.

If they were his permanent teeth (meaning he has already lost the baby teeth) they will not come back and you will need to have false teeth made for him.
If they were "baby teeth" which would fall out anyway, he will eventually grow permanent teeth in their places, but you still need to take him to the dentist. Depending on his age, it could take years for the permanent teeth to come in, and he will need teeth between now and then. Also, there is a high risk of infection if any of the tooth was broken off below the gum, so you will need to have the dentist x-ray his mouth and remove any root or broken pieces of the baby teeth. Lastly, depending on how he was hit, there could be damage to the permanent teeth still up inside his gums, which can cause serious infection if left untreated. The dentist will check that for you as well.

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