my son has started going schul but doesnt have potty manners yet. i m so worried:-(


Louise - posted on 12/01/2010




You do not say how old your son is? If he is over the age of three then there is absoloutley no reason why he should still be in nappies. You have to break this habbit and fast. Do not put him in nappies in the day again. Buy plenty of pants and stick to taking him to the toilet every half an hour until he has got the message that this is what is going to happen from now on. You are right to be worrid if he is still in nappies and about to attend school as children can be so cruel. If his school start date is near then you will have to tell the school so that they are aware of your sons toilet habbit so they can help you. May be a check up at the doctors is a good idea to see if there is any underlying reason for your son to be like this. My advice is to be stricter with him and let him know that he has to be a big boy now. Try reward charts or incentives to help him work towards being clean.

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