My son has very flamboyant ways and he is 12 years old he has been this way since he was about 3. He is getting bullied at his school and becoming very depressed because he is getting called horrible names like FAGGOT and GAY BOY.... I am getting little to no help from the school. He speaks of killing his self sometimes, I have lost one child and be damned if I lose another...WHAT TO DO?


Dove - posted on 05/17/2013




I'd suggest getting him into counseling asap to help with the self esteem and learning to accept himself for being him. If he is being bullied at school I would keep after them and go higher up if necessary. Schools are supposed to be 'bully free' and if they are doing nothing to help.... I would not hesitate to involve the police and/or media.

If he has some GOOD friends that you know do not participate in any of the bullying... maybe encourage him to invite them over more often.

I would call a counselor right now and get him some professional help immediately. Do not take his suicide threats lightly. He NEEDS help and he needs it now.


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Lynell - posted on 05/20/2013




I find nothing wrong with it...That is my child and what ever he wants I am there to support him. My husband told me that I should tell him to be prepared for this type of thing because of how he response is that I will hurt someone before I ever fix my mouth to tell my child that this is normal and to just brush it off. He has one female that he hangs out with all the time and they do alot of sleep overs. So he has a friend but I feel there is nothing wrong with my child and will not raise him to think otherwise.

Janet - posted on 05/17/2013




Can you find a school that has entered the modern world?

What is wrong with being gay or flamboyant???

Billie - posted on 05/17/2013




I'd explain to him that he's his own person and special and wonderful in his own way but kids can be cruel when they don't understand something and they don't understand him. I'd get him some counseling as well. Also try to get him as involved as I could with interests that he likes. Maybe an art program, music, martial arts lessons. Something he'd enjoy, but where he'd be around the same people in a focused and SMALL setting so they could have a good chance to get to know each other. Sometimes bonds are more easily formed that way with people who wouldn't normally give each other a chance. Best of luck.

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