my son has what looks like warts comming up all over him my husband thinks its a type of skin cancer could it be possible?


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Sophia - posted on 05/06/2014




I am a pediatric nurse. It is probably molluscom. It is viral and does have a treatment of a topical medication. I have never seen a good turn out with it but I would follow up with Dr to be sure that is what it is and it usually goes away in time on its own . Try the medication but if youdont see a good outcome I wouldn't continue. It has to be put on skin by a dr. or nurse and you would have to constantly go to office for it. Like I said , not often it was effective.

Paula - posted on 05/05/2014




Liz: I don't know how old your son is, but two of my children were pre-school age when they contracted a virus called molluscum contagiosum. The bumps appeared on their inner arms, stomach and neck. They looked like small warts with an indentation in the center. Because it's a virus, there may not be a treatment. Our doctor gave me a cream for the itching and that's it. After a couple of weeks, the bumps dried out and fell off. My son has no scars but my daughter has barely visible pock marks on her arms and neck.

Liz - posted on 05/05/2014




Take him to the doctor. Nobody here can determine what it might or might not be.

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