My son hasn't pooped in a week. Help me!

Kimberly - posted on 01/10/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




I've tried 2floz of pure apple juice. I've tried switching formulas from powder to sensitive condensed similac brand. I've even tried the 1floz with 1-2 tsp of sugar (that's just giving him the smelly farts). My next move is to use jelly with a qtip for his booty. He was a preemie so I already know he will have problems pooping this is the second time in two weeks. The first time I pumped his legs for a good ten minutes and he pooped like crazy but now it's a week and he still hasn't pooped. Yes alot of you will tell me to call his doc but honestly think about it. Your with your child 24/7 of the day and the doc is never around to see the child so I don't really recommend listening that much. My doc told me to stop feeding him every 3 hrs and to only feed him ever 4-6 hrs. I thought that's messed up.


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My daughter has a hard time pooping as well but she is fed breast milk but her doctor gave me the following advice to help them go

1) gas drops (they may have gas so bad that it may cause them to hurt and therefore are not relaxed enough to poop)
2) move legs in bicycle motion after every feeding to help them move things along also do this if you see him draw his legs up to his stomach and grunt
3) give a bottle of warm water before every feeding to help move things along
4)Put 1tsp of prune juice in formula (sugar and apple juice aren't really going to help but prune sure will get things going)
5) run tummy clockwise to help work things in the tummy area
6) give a warm bath and rub rag around his anus which will help them loosen up and try to promote pooping
7) if nothing else works these are to be used as a last resort: suppository (only use 1/2 of glycerin suppository for ages 2-5 can find at wal mart) and put 1tsp of dark karo in bottle


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If you don't agree with your physician's assessments, you have every right to seek a second opinion.

That being said, I'm a fairly independant woman myself, my grandmother was a pediatric nurse for decades, and I had quite a few tricks up my sleeve, but were one of my children a preemie, I'd tend to be more anxious and less willing to try home remedies with them.

You say you won't listen to a physician, and yet you're willing to listen to perfect strangers on an international internet forum...? Seems a bit off to me. Best of luck with that.

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