my son hates me

Maria - posted on 05/31/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




My son is almost 28 yrs old. He was abused many times by father since age 2 by father. Many reports to cps by myself schools kaiser and so on. Cps always closed the cases here in san diego. When my son was around 4 he was acting out sexually trying to touch othet kids playing with himself wearing 2 pairs of underwear at times he showed me a couple of times with his hands and opened closed his fist said daddy was touching my hide away talking about person is part. I was molested at 8 by my ad together and this seemed to happen to me. He told me he told his dads mom his so called grandma and she said your dad lives you. I had to fight a family that was sick and I would fight for custody for 7 yrs had a lawyer that did not want to help me no money low income. The ex in laws had a business and still fo they bought my son and filled him with hate towards me covered up the abuse and my sons fathet is not normal. They lie and have brainwashed mt son he was taught just to love money and very spoiled. They would do everything in their power to keep him away from me. My son ended up doing drugs drinking so on. He served 7yrs in marines got honorabledischargef last june for bipolar. He has had and still does have a rage temper and hatred. His dad is a manic petson and tried to kill himself in the past when my son was young. My sons fathet brother just killed himself Feb this yr and the mom fid not get on plane and go to the services blaming the wife just like I was blamed. My son had a daughter 16 months ago and named baby aftet the grandma who he thinks was and still is the greatest person. He thinks I was never thete for him. He does not realize they kept me away and used their money as power over me. He has deep anger issues and blames me. He told me even if I had money I would not know how to be a mom ect. I had a bad family life as child abusive verbal mom who was never taught love then I did not give love to my son and my father always vety selfish and molested by my step father. Married te ice once my sons father used to take son away one yr marriage and married an irawi man brought him to this country very abuses mental relationship lasted 16 yrs. I left him back in june 2012 divorced him and 6 wks later after filed divorced my brother finally died from aids. My son got mad at me again and said I will never be a grandma. He tells me all bad things about his wife and I try and help him. He was over here 2 wks ago and I took him out for a very ecpensive lunch because he just had my car painted. I have made him personal art paintings as a gift. The car situation was a strange one and it got me into a fight with my son and he told me I did not appreciate it. This was not true I was given the run around by my son to get my car back. My car was in anaheim two hrs away from me. It was not done professionally and my son was making me nervous. I ended up r a king a train and taxi to get my car left my new job 6 hrs son got so angry and uses the past once again against me and said I will never be a geandma as long as he is on earth. He will tell uou his dad never hit him. He use to live with dad yrs ago they did drugs together and the grandma as listed it. Why does he think she is great and always thete for him. Why does he hate me

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