My son & his gf had a baby a few months ago. They are both 20. Past 6 yrs had a horrible divorce, he stayed with the x out of my x having to be in control. And of course any negative thing about me he could say and do he did and let me add is still doing. My relationship with my son has not been easy. Dad ddidnt tell him when I called, didnt give him cards...etc. Do not say go back to court, we did and I have no use for the NJ Justice honestly. I was told my son was old enough to make his mind up??? My son came to live with me 3yrs ago, was out and older son called to say guess who is here? I was thrilled. Came home, he apologized, we talked hugged. He stated he wanted to stay had a falling out with dad and his gf. Ok so I was driving him over a half hour to and from school each day, this changed my and all others schedule in our home. So had to go to court to change custody and support. Son started talking to dad (I am ok with ths) son was getting anger issues with me, bringing friends all hours, girls too, and drinking in our home. I said I would not allow that, I also have a little girl here. Money was missing. Finally a big blow up. Son looked at me (thought it was my x ready to hit me) threw a card I gave him right on the floor in front of me and left. Never to hear from him. I begged him lets talk. Nothing. Come to find out (2mos before baby due) he is having a baby and this is a new gf. So I text him and call him everyday, nothing. He is not with dad but a friend, didnt know where. He had graduated by now. Day the baby is born I was told by someone, ran to the hospital, sent flowers and balloons ...go in, hug and kiss him and her and held the baby the entire 2 hrs... I told him pls lets put the past behind us. Ok... a few days I txt and call nothing, only to get a fb msg from the gf that to leave them alone they dont want anything to do with me or me in the babys life???? I am devestated, I did nothing. I cry over this every night, have not seen baby for 4months now. He is talking to dear old dad again...I believe it is his controlling. I have reached out to the gf fahter (mom has passed) and nothing. I would love to help and support with the baby. They are living in her dads second home. Please help...


Tanya - posted on 12/29/2011




wow, sounds like an awful situation. Maybe just send random gifts for them or the baby, hopefully they'll come around. Check in your are for a support group. Where I live, there's a group called "The GAIN Society" stands for "Grandparents Are Indeed Necessary" they help granparents in situations like yours. Maybe there's a place in your town like that. Sure hope things work out. God Bless


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Ruthie - posted on 12/29/2011




DawnMarie, I agree with Tanya in looking into a support group. My family and I will be praying for you.

DawnMarie - posted on 12/29/2011




yes it is awful. I have sent cards and a pakcage for Christmas. Just terrified they will send it back or worse throw it out. I see pics of her on fb and cry my heart out. I will check for the support group, thanks. I pray everyday that they come around, they really have no idea how much I am here willing to help and I have told them both and her dad too.

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