My son hold his breath when he cries.


Sarah - posted on 12/27/2014




Some kids/babies will do that. My daughter did that for about the first year to two years of her life. Big thing is to not react. His body will naturally make him breathe. I remember my doctor making a comment that she had never seen a baby that young be able to hold her breath that long......I said she is going to be a swimmer. Some kids will hold it until they pass out......some will just hold it for a long time. Mine would hold it until her lips would turn blue. If they hold it until they pass out it will not hurt them. That is where your body will naturally make you breathe. If you hold your breath long enough your body will make you breath.

BIGGEST thing is DO NOT REACT!!! When you react then they know it works. If you don't react then they move onto a different way of trying to get their way. You can blow in their face as that will sometimes make them breathe, but again best is to just ignore and not react. My daughter is now 3 yrs old and since she has gotten no reaction to holding her breath she has now moved onto different ways of trying to get her way.

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