my son i 3 and he dosent want to go to his dads. he crys every time i take him what can i do?


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My 3 year old son is scared of monsters (like SUPER scared) and he's never even seen any. I couldn't imagine how intense his fear would get if he were seeing them on a regular basis like your son is. :(

Are you following the court order as far as visitation is concerned? If so and your ex refuses to talk about this w/ you, unfortunately the only real options are to just deal w/ it the best you can or try taking him to court. THAT frequently ends up being a big waste of time and money though unless you have real grounds to change the visitation/get a court order about what your ex can and can't expose him to.

I'm sorry. It sucks big time, but if you interfere w/ court ordered supervision it could end up being a lot worse.

If you have any suspicion that his problem is more than just the video games.... don't hesitate to try and find a child psychologist that may be able to help him share his feelings/what is going on through play acting.

Good luck!

Kristin - posted on 04/19/2011




my ex wont talk to me no matter what i do he wont talk to me he is mad and when i do try to talk to him its when matthew is a sleap so im dont think that would be the proublem i tell matthew that his dad misses him and loves him a lot and it dosent help he still crys the only thing i have got matthew to tell me is that daddy plays games on the tv with big monsters... the games his dad plays are not kid games i have told him not to play them around matthew and he dosent care.. matthew has a lot of bad dreams when he gets back from his dads and thay stop after about 2 days with me so somthing is going on... the daycare has told me that he is not doing good on mon. when he gets back from his dads its just too much i need to do somthing.....

Louise - posted on 04/16/2011




At 3 your son should be able to tell you roughly why he does not want to go. Have you and your ex got a good relationship and not at each others throat all the time as your son will pick up on this. Try and get together with the ex and your son and ask him together why he cries when he goes to daddies. If your ex has no problems with him when he is there then it is just the wrench from you that is causing the scenes. I suggest you stick to the same routine and let your son grow out of it, if he is settled with dad when you have gone. Either way there is some discusions to be had here.

Kristin - posted on 04/15/2011




i have asked him and he is 3 so he doesnt tell me why it is just clear that he doesnt want to go he would rather go any where els then with his dad. he gos to his dads 3 days a week and i am having a hard time telling my ex that he cant see him that much any more mostly because he wont ancer any of my calls or texts i drop matthew off at pre school on fri and he drops him back off at pre school on mon. that was not my doing he wont see me or talk to me because i dident split my taxes with him so he is mad... i dont know what to do? can i take days a way from him? i am just so lost i want to do whats best for my baby but i dont know how is taking his dad a way the ancer?

Jodi - posted on 04/13/2011




Have you asked him WHY he doesn't want to go? And how often does he go to his dad's?

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