My son is 10 and is still pooping his pants and wetting the bed please HELP!!!!!

Amanda - posted on 01/11/2012 ( 6 moms have responded )




I am lost as what to do! MY son is 10 and at 2 was potty trained. Now for the lst 6yrs we have been going backwards. I have taken him to doctor after doctor, and nothing is wrong. I have doen reward taken things away and nothing has worked. I have a almost 3yr old who has no problems anddont want to see things get worse as they both get older. Please some one help


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I'm seeing these are older posts, but honestly this a multiple time a day thing with my child. He is almost 11. And wets the bed also. He was a twin to one that vanished. He has what I call abnormally Large stools, but the Dr's think it's fine (sometimes as big as your wrist and 6-10inches long, gross yes I know😩). I'm like if you see him trying to poop you would about cry. Its awful. I'm concerned, and have been for a long time. I can't keep doing this. I've asked and asked even changed pediatric doctors in hopes of getting him help. All they recommend is miralax umm we've been on that off and on for 7 years! I'm beyond frustrated with it. What can I do to get him help?

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The bedwetting may be something he just has to grow out of. Whatever you do, don't freak out and punish him. He is not doing it on purpose.

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Wetting the bed is very common until 10 or even older. Two of my sons were not dry at night until age 10. I just put Goodnights on them and didn't worry about it too much (I had taken them to the doctors to make sure everything was all right.)

The real concern here would be the poop. That is NOT normal, and he should be able to control that. Is he doing a full load, or just not wiping well enough? By age 10, peer pressure should be causing him to have better hygiene if nothing else---no one wants to be around a smelly person. What does he say? Is he waiting too long because he wants to finish something? He has to know when he is doing it. If you can't get a straight answer, perhaps a visit to a pychologist would help--maybe something is bothering him.


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I am just now reading your post and several months has lapsed. I'm curious if your son is still having these issues. My son who is also 10yo and has the same problem except no bed wetting. Two years ago he was diagnosed with PDD-NOS (autism spectrum.) He's very high functioning as a matter of fact is in GT classes at his school, but he just doesn't seem to give going to the bathroom much importance. How often does your son have accidents? Daily? Weekly? What is he doing when he has the accident? Where is he? We, too, went to doctor after doctor for 2 years. Now, we have him on a schedule where he has to just try to go every 2 hours. He still has accidents but reduced to once per week. His teachers help at school to remind him to go. The (GI, neurologist and pediatrician) doctors think that my son's problem is psychological. He also may get constipated and avoids going to the bathroom until it's too late, hence, accident. We've done MRI of his spine to rule out any nerve damage, a bunch of blood work to rule out other GI disorders.) We haven't scoped him yet, but if we do not see improvement in the next few months, I think taking a look inside the GI track is next on our list. Hope this helps.

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My niece was the same way, some kids just grow out of it. My niece just didn't want to get out of bed when she had to go, said its just easier not to. She finally out grew it when she was 15 years old. She went to doctors and the doctors said no fluids after 4pm and go to the bathroom before going to bed. Hope this helps!

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