My son is 11 months old and he has decided that he doesn't want to eat the regular purity he is used to. He wants to feed himself finger foods. He just doesn't eat enough. He will get bored of feeding himself and then he won't eat anymore and start playing with the food. I am worried that he is not getting enough food and nutrients in. Any suggestions?


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A bit of both really. Offer him what you think he should be getting, but don't stress out if he isn't eating every last scrap. The things you are reading are recommendations and in an ideal world it is what all kids would be eating every day, but taking into consideration that kids all have different likes and dislikes, plus the size of the child's appetite will vary from day to day depending on what they are doing physically, you do have to be prepared to go with the flow. Finger foods are great because it offers more variety of foods you can offer him and he gets the chance to try them and decide for himself if he likes it or not.


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Julie - posted on 07/03/2012




get your child a nice novelty cutlery and crockery set. finger food on the plate but the more purede food in a bowl so you can feed a spoonful in between bites of the finger food and allow the child to try spoon some too. at 11 months a little independance is a good thing and shows good development.

my kids never had snacks in between meals at that age they got their meals and ate them if they didnt they still didnt get anything untill the next meal maybe just some milk by which time they were hungry enought to eat it all. the thing with them is no to over load the plate or give too much choice. my kids had 4 meals a day. breakfast about 8ish (serial that i fed them and they helped with their own spoon or toast that they fed themselves) lunch about 12ish we both had sandwiches or finger food with a nice dessert (again i fed they helped with their own spoon) main meal about 4ish again finger foods but with a little spoon fed food inbetween and then supper of serial or toast before bed. each meal washed down with a nice drink of milk or hot chocolate/horlicks or the like. juice in between meals or water. i only gave snacks beofre 3 years old if we were out and were going to be home later than the meal usualy is. after noon nap was around 1ish for an hour or so but if they didnt go to sleep before 3pm then it was a no no i put up with the moods till bedtime becasue a later nap meant later bed time and the routine was shot for days trying to recover.

Ashleigh - posted on 07/02/2012




Okay, seems like I should't be worrying so much. He isn't a very big baby and that is why I think I stress. With all the things on the internet and in the books telling you that they should be eating half a cup of fruit a day and half a cup of veg etc and all the recommended amounts, should I ignore that and just give him what he wants?

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He is having fun with his food, this is a good thing. It's a great time to start to slowly introduce some new foods for him to "play" with. The playing thing is actually very important when they are learning how to feed themselves. They discover how food looks and feels as well as how it tastes. Sometimes you will find your son won't eat much, but he knows when he is full and trying to make him eat more won't be good in the long run. Other times he will eat everything and look for more. Try not to worry too much about this as appetites vary day to day, just like ours do. It's a great time for him, enjoy it. I loved it when my little ones were learning to eat. Treat it like an adventure!

Amanda - posted on 07/02/2012




I always worried when my 2 were little like your son that they weren't eating enough.
My daughter was stealing food off my sons plate at 5 months old she hardly ate any pureed foods and went near enough straight to finger foods.
I just made sure the foods I was giving them were healthy and nutritious and offered them snacks in between meals.

I my kids are 4 and 2 and I still have days that I worry they are not eating enough. 2 nights ago my son ate 3 pieces of pasta for his dinner and that was it.

I'm sure he is getting what he needs, try not to stress too much.

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