My son is 11 years old and I am a single mom. His dad and I are divorced but have remained friends. His father is not always responsible with his own life and lives by the seat of his pants. He lives with roommates, does not own a car, rides his bike to work, etc. He loves our son dearly and he has a big heart. I let him stay with on weekends after he is off work-he works 2 jobs-about 60hrs a week. My son told me that he feels his father does not take a real interest in him at all. He does not set aside time for them to spend together, etc. He just comes over and hangs out on the couch watching TV. One of the main reasons I divorced his father is becusse althought he does love us, he is not good with emotiions/feelings and it leaves one feeling that they are not really important to him. I told my ex how our son feels but i do not know if it will do any good. My son is hurting and i just do not know what i can do.


Jackie - posted on 03/19/2013




WOW-update. I had a long talk with my ex, explaining the situation, and he just told me he took this Sunday off so he can have my son spend the night with him Saturday night and they will spend the entire day of Sunday together-just the two of them. This will make my son very happy. I hope they can mend their relationship. He is a loving carrying dad- he just lacks focus sometimes. This is a good first step for sure.

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