My son is 13 and has recently become extremely depressed - he was being bullied at school. We are dealing with the depression - but its tough - I can physically see it when he is down and its so hard I wish I had a magical cure. Any suggestions?


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Barbara - posted on 10/22/2012




thank-you so much Ariana- I have been thinking of the martial arts idea - a friend of his does it. You have just given me that last push to go ahead with it. You are so right with regards to the team sports - he plays hockey - he is pretty good and quite athletic but kids especially boys are so very mean - thankfully we have not pushed him too hard to play 'up' this year so he is actually one of the better one's on the team. All these things I have not thought of until now - but you are so right. Thanks again :-)

Ariana - posted on 10/22/2012




You can put him in councelling if you haven't already. Has the bullying stopped? If that's an issue obviously you need to work on that as well.

I would try to get him into a martial arts program. It can help with self-defense and self-esteem. A lot of martial arts schools will teach about what to do with a bully around as well. It's also something anyone can do, he doesn't have to be a top athlete or anything if that's not his thing.

I might also suggest a social activity, like boy scouts or something. Somewhere he can go to be around other guys in an adult run program. If he's been bullied he may feel socially out of place. I don't advice a team sport if he's not great at that sort of thing because kids can be cruel (as you already know) and aren't always sportmanlike with players that aren't as good. Plus it doesn't help as much with the social side.

I don't think there is any quick fix but getting him involved in some activities where he can gain self-esteem can be really helpful. I personally have felt the effects of depression and find getting out, even when at the moment I don't want to, to do something (especially a physical activity) can really boost my mood.

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