My son is 13 months old and I cant get him to eat anything. All he wants is his bottle with either formula or milk. He was eating cereal and baby food and when his teeth started cutting through he wouldnt take anything any more. Now when I try to put anyhing in his mouth he crys and gags. He also will not pick anything up and put it in his mouth outside of his binkie and occasionally he will chew on his cloths. The dr is wanting me to take him to a Nutritional Therapist and for some reason it is bothering me. I feel like im his mom I should be able to help him and get him to eat but I also do not want there to be something physically wron that is causing this. Any advice woould be great or if anyone thinks I should just suck it up and take him to the therapist. Thank you


Patricia - posted on 11/03/2012




get rid of all the bottles first he dosent need them.try some yummy oatmeal,smashed bananas and when there is no bottle he will eat,let him see you eating it and he will try some when he gets hungary enough,,,his mouth just hurts from cutting teeth and he is cranky.there are popsicals to help with it .try some thick soups he may try but let him see mamma eating it first ...try those things and see what happens but you may need him to get hungary first so that he will try them......the milk and formula is keeping full so dont give them to him until you see him eating and he can try sippey cups....goodluck

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